Sunday, October 23, 2011

My cape - a new find at Dekalb Market

In my backyard in Brooklyn

 I am wearing cape that I got this past weekend, and ever since I have been totally infatuated with capes.  I found the cape at a wonderful new market in Brooklyn: At first glance the market looks like an industrial lot filled with old truck crates, but tucked inside these crates are little boutiques and stores like:
Not all of the stores are my usual style or taste, but I found my cape at the first place that I walked into, so I think the market is definitely worth a look.

I suggest giving the market try, and if you are not interested in clothes or jewelry they have crafts, music and restaurants. It is a delightful place to spend a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

The following pictures are from Dekalb Market


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  2. ...great pics ...let's coordinate an outing together: I do not know the market and it seems fun plus great finds! It is ironic capes are back: 4th time in my lifetime! You sport yours really well..stylish! xoxo f

  3. HI Ruby:
    Your cape is great and so are you! Love your writing here. Reading this inspired me to contact DeKalb Market about space to sell my jewelry. Thanks for the inspiration. I'll let you know if it works out.