Sunday, April 22, 2012

Urban Jungle, a vintage check point

Urban Jungle 


118 Knickerbocker St
(between Flushing Ave & Thames St)
BrooklynNY 11237
Neighborhoods: East Williamsburg, Bushwick

Urban Jungle, is a vintage shop located in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Since it is deep in Brooklyn, it is not well known to people who are not associated with the neighborhood. One could almost call it a hipster paradise. Yet you don't have to be a hipster to enjoy it.  Like many vintage stores, Urban Jungle has a range of styles and caters to all tastes. It is an amazing vintage store, and has amazing prices.  It's an awesome, well kept secret that is worth sharing.  I really recommend visiting it. 

Many finds found in major label stores, could be found at Urban Jungle. In the early 2000's vintage came back into style. In recent years, the economy in the U.S has weakened forcing vintage to make a major comback.  Out of the many trends that have come in and out, I welcome back vintage shops.

Here is a link to google maps for directions: 

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  1. Reading this brings a smile to my face as I remember being in high school and rummaging through hole-in-the wall shops in lower manhattan and my nana's closet for great vintage treasure. I was definitely "in" sporting old tuxedo jackets, sequined cardigans, and dress coats with faux fur. My daughter is your age and she too is in love with this "new" trend. Happy hunting to you!